PRAGEETH MANOHANSA, Peacock, 2018, Mixed Media on Paper, 122cm x 94cm . Prageeth Manohansa has over the past few years become one of the islands most prominent artists. Following Manohansa’s studies in India, he returned to Sri Lanka to study under many of the artists from the 90s movement. But his education in art had in fact begun at home many years earlier under the guidance of his father, and it was during his university years that he began to put theory into practice. He began exhibiting his work shortly after graduating from university. His works are now part of important private collections both in Sri Lanka and overseas including public installations presented at the Matale Airport and the Maradana junction. It is the sustainable nature and conceptual form of Manohansa’s work that leaves him unrivaled. This artist has the ability to capture movement and social concepts with a raw organic skill.

23/01/2019 | Imgrum