Bicycle Tree
DateJanuary 2015
LocationColombo Court, Sri Lanka
ClientColombo Court Hotel & Spa

Colombo Court Hotel & Spa has always focused on being sustainable. The interior of the hotel was designed by Sunela Jayewardene – one of Sri Lanka’s most revered Environmental Designers. Using recycled material to reduce the consumption of scarce resources, the 5 properties that make the hotel’s 32 rooms and outlets were artistically designed to be environmentally friendly. The floors in the lobby, Wine Lounge and Library are made from bricks that made the walls in the previous property, while open spaces make up the many courtyards around the hotel, giving natural air a chance to circulate and cool the public areas of the property. Indigenous plants have been used around the hotel in many forms as well, most notably as separators in the form of bamboo walls that divide certain aspects of the hotel, separating the front of the hotel from the road and creating a backdrop by their poolside. In design, trees as old 90 years were built around, so as not to destroy the flora already present. Majority of the arts and sculptures around the hotel too, were made from scrap metal, with our signature sculpture being a tree made of bicycle parts spanning three floors, courtesy of the brilliantly creative Prageeth Manohansa.