Prageeth Manohansa

Prageeth Manohansa is a name that has become so closely affiliated with the assembled works of art spotted throughout houses, villas and hotels throughout the island. This 33 year old artist studied in Benares and Sri Lanka after which he began working on various masks and God statues made with old car parts. After three years of being represented by the Saskia Fernando Gallery, this local sculptor has built a name for himself internationally, recently being featured in a calendar printed by Nuage Branding of Indonesia and locally, completing his biggest installation to-date at the new Courtyard Hotel in central Colombo. His work belongs to collections worldwide. This sustainable art form that Manohansa uses appeals to a variety of collectors, not only for their sensitivity to movement and form but their changing nature as outdoor sculpture creates an effect, which transforms.

PECHAKUCHA_COLOMBO – Featured image © La Wa Wi – Lakshitha Wayan Wijesinghe